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Journal of Korean Physical Therapy Science - Vol. 26 , No. 3

2. p. 8 Compare the Muscle Activity of Serratus Anterior, Deltoid and Triceps Brachii when Push Up with Leg Lifting in the Crawling Position
Sae-eun Bae, So-yeon Koo, Hee-jung Kim, Won-kyu Na, Mi-jung Park, Jung-hoon Park, Hyun-min Park, Ae-kyung Shin, Sun-mi Shin, Yeon-wook Lee, Jung-eun Lee, Jae-hoon Lee, Ji-min Jung, Yoo-wan Choi, Sang-hun Jang
DOI: https://doi.org/10.26862/jkpts.2019.

8. p. 70 Changes of Balance Ability according to the Stability of Shoes in Elderly Woman and Female University Student
Yu-jin Song, Gyeong-hun Min, Deok-yong Jeong, Seon-young Yook, Yun-young Choi, Kyung-yoon Bae, Ki Hun Cho
DOI: https://doi.org/10.26862/jkpts.2019.