Korean Physical Therapy Science

Current Issue

Journal of Korean Physical Therapy Science - Vol. 26 , No. 1
1. p.1 Effect of CLX Training Combined with PNF Pattern on Balance Ability
Ji-hoon Jung, Min-ju Kim, Hee-jung Woo, Yi-seul Kim, Myung-hee Kim, Seung-ryul Song, Se-mi Kang, Yi-wha Choi, Jung-hee Kim
DOI: https://doi.org/10.26862/jkpts.2019.

4. p.22 The Effects of Body Blade and Thera Band Exercise in Upper Extremity Muscle Strength, Grip Strength and Balance in University Students
Min-hyung Jo, Dong-ho Kim, In-ha Kim, Seung-hee Lee, Sun-kyo Kim, Young-joo Kim, Ban-seok Choi, So-young Lee, Eui-jin Cho, Eun-jung Kim, Hyo-jung Choi, Kwang-mook Lim, Yoo-jin Lee, Kyung-hun Kim
DOI: https://doi.org/10.26862/jkpts.2019.

8. p.61 Effects on Muscle Activities after the Kinesio Tape Application in Each Lower Extremity of Normal People during Stand-broad Jumping
Jun-hyeong We, Sang-ha Lee, Jin-hwa Lee, Ho-sung Lee, Hyun-seok Yoon, Seung-soo Yang, Jung-won Yang, Sang-deuk Kim, Sang-hyun Kim, Na-young Shim, Hee-jin Jang, Gun-hee Cho, Hyun-kyung Yoo, Cu-rie Lee
DOI: https://doi.org/10.26862/jkpts.2019.